Cerrolaza wineries

Winery Altos del Marques

Cerrolaza wineries follows the tradition started by the Cerrolaza family years ago with the creation of a small winery adjacent to the family house in Hornos del Moncalvillo. 

Winery Altos del Marques

Built in a "chateau" style, this winery belongs to an exclusively family limited liability company, Bodegas Altos del Marqués S.L, and it´s located in its own vineyards on the outskirts of Logroño.

The winery owns 49 H (120.98 acres) of vineyard distributed  in several areas, triangle-shaped, with vertexes in La Grajera (Logroño), Yagüe-El Cortijo and Hornos de Moncalvillo, in one of the highest quality areas of Rioja wine. This quality is due to the richness of the terrain, antiquity of the vineyard, divided into small plots and the lavish care taken in the production phase.  

The Cerrolaza family have concentrated their efforts on making a modern high-quality viticulture.  In order to obtain the best possible grapes, they apply the latest technology to remove vigour from the vine-stocks, to de-leaf the vines, to prune specifically according to each area and for every type, and to utilize a double-selection in the vineyard and in the cellar. Ensuring that the quality of the grape is the basis for the quality of the wine, the Cerrolaza family focuses on their terrain using the latest technology   as the only way of obtaining and guaranteeing great wines. As a result, they obtain wines with identity, an expression of their vineyards.

Uva Winery Altos del Marqués