Production and ageing of our wines

Production and ageing

The winery applies the latest vinification technology. It has stainless steel tanks of different sizes depending on the type of wine to develop.

Production Altos del Marqués

Production process

The winery has different sizes of deposits, from the smallest ones, with a capacity of 1.000 and 1.500 litres, to the intermediate of 9.500 and 10.400 litres, suitable for the separate wine production process of the highest quality plots and the biggest ones of 25.000, 42.750 and 53.000 litres used for the blends and the biggest plots.


Ageing in barrels and bottles

BarrelsIn the barrel cellar there lie 900 French and American oak barrels with a capacity of 225 litres each. One third of the barrels is renewed every year, so there is always a third which is brand new, another third which is one year old, being the remaining third two years old. Once the ageing is barrels is over, the wine is bottled and stored in metal crates for a perfect balance between fruit and oak. Both the barrel and the bottle cellars are air-conditioned for a perfect control of temperature.